My friend + badass photog Jocelyn Noel and I planned a road trip from Reno to Jackson Hole to shoot a wedding out there. We also had my little pom Yoko with us for the adventure. (You’ll see a picture of her at the end of this post.) We stopped along the way in Utah to shoot these beauties. They booked me earlier in the year for their destination wedding in Tahoe and I just so happened to be planning this road trip a few months before their wedding. Random and Awesome. Right?

I did some research before our trip and knew I wanted something different. I saw this place on a map. I couldn’t find a lot of photos of it, but that’s what made me more intrigued. After a lot of deliberation, I convinced Inna and Alex this was the place. We stepped out and the heat was something that I have never experienced. Keep in mind: I am originally from Florida. This place felt like the sun was sitting on top of our shoulders. We greeted each other sweaty as can be and frolicked all around this weird little island. We saw Bison far in the distance, danced into the sunset, and watched the moon rise over the mountains.

We said our goodbyes and finished our night camping on top of Disco (Jocelyn’s suv) and drinking wine under the stars.

XX ☽

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