Hello friends!

I am Annamae and yes it’s pronounced like the Japanese cartoons, Anime. ☻  Since I was young, I have been intrigued by art, but my passion for photography came later in life when I held my first camera. Since then, my craft has inspired me to adventure, meet people, and explore different cultures near and far. I was raised in Florida and grew up surrounded by tropical climates and endless beaches, but always felt a pull towards the west. I made my way out to Tahoe in 2014 for a friends wedding and never looked back. Something about the mountains, water, and air just drew me in. It has not only inspired me creatively, but personally. There is something so beautiful about combining nature and human connection. I consider it such an honor to turn fleeting moments into permanent ones. So here’s to the quiet onlookers, the crazy lovers, the daring dreamers, the off-beat dancers, and the wild wanderers – I can’t wait to meet you!

The photo of the pup is my adorable pom, Yoko.


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